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Frank Sanders is a gifted Master’s lifter who put up a great show at the USSF Nationals Meet in January 2018, squatting over 365 and deadlifting 475 at 66 years of age. Inspired by his performance and dedication to training, Matt and Scott invited Frank on the podcast at StrengthCon in April to tell his story as both a lifter and his past military career as a Navy SEAL.


After leaving the Navy, Frank worked in investment banking as a salesman selling bond packages for companies in need of working capital. He tried to maintain his fitness levels during this time, running long distance races and performing some basic weight training… but no compound movements like squats and deadlifts. At nearly 60 years old, his knees in pain and beat up from the running mileage, he got under a barbell for the first time and began to train as a strength athlete.


Frank didn’t need the barbell to become tough mentally, but lifting has allowed him make his body tough again and find a new avenue to compete and push himself.


You can follow Frank and his exploits on Instagram @j_frank_sanders


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