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A man of mystery and intrigue, and certainly the coach with the best tan in Starting Strength, Randy Winfrey retired from an Air Force career as an intelligence agent in the late 90’s and began coaching endurance athletes. Having been a triathlete and endurance athlete during his military career, it was a natural fit, however over time he became frustrated with the overuse injuries and overall lack of strength in the endurance sports and discovered heavy barbell training in 2011.


Since then he has become a Starting Strength Coach and now coaches endurance athletes to be both strong and fit out of his well-appointed home gym in Houston, TX. He is also the head track and field coach at a junior high school in Houston.


You can contact Randy for coaching at and Look him up if you’re in the Houston area, or if you are interested in online coaching!


As an exclusive offer to Barbell Logic listeners, use the code “winfrey” to save $100 off the first month of Barbell Logic Online Coaching with Randy! Go to to sign up.


Enrollment for Intellectual Linear Progression is open until May 14th. Sign up with the promo code “reason” now and save 25% off your first three months with ILP.



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