#163 – Testosterone, Friendship, & Finding Purpose with Dr. David Puder


Matt and Scott are joined today by psychiatrist, podcaster, and lifter Dr. David Puder. Dr. Puder practices at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he is the medical director of a partial program and intensive outpatient program for people with medical and psychiatric issues. He also teaches psychiatry residents and has developed an app Emotion Connection to train people to read emotions and develop deeper emotional connection with others.


Dr. Puder outlines the symptoms of low testosterone, and explains why — if you have these symptoms — it’s important to determine their root cause. While strength training can improve testosterone, it may not be enough to reverse the natural decline in T-levels as we age. And though decline is normal, extremely low levels may cause low energy levels, body fat gain, loss of motivation and sex drive, and poor sleep. These changes may come on slowly over the years, slowly enough that many men never realize the extent of their symptoms. Dr. Puder emphasizes the importance of a proper diagnosis, as other conditions, such as obstructive sleep apnea, may also cause these symptoms.


Dr. Puder is also a devotee of Starting Strength, training lifters out of his garage and regularly writing prescriptions for strength training. He believes that strength training is a vital part of both physical and mental health, and has explored that link at length in his podcast Psychiatry & Psychotherapy.


You can follow Dr. Puder on Instagram @dr.davidpuder and subscribe to his podcast here.




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