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When Scott sold Data Storage, Inc. — as told in episode #142 —  things didn’t go perfectly smooth. As with any decent sized small business, various legal matters arise in the course of regular operations. When it’s sale time, however, any outstanding legal issues come under intense scrutiny as the buyer conducts their due diligence. In these situations, you need a ringer. You need a guy like David Keesling, a veteran trial attorney and labor law expert based out of Tulsa, OK.


David is a former Marine who began his law career in 2002. Since then he has won numerous cases and settlements for businesses dealing with labor law issues, malpractice suits, and state and federal government tort claims. David is a hard-nosed negotiator with a keen eye for assessing risks and anticipating threats for his clients. He currently practices with Dunlap, Bennett, & Ludwig in Tulsa, OK.


Scott recounts how he met David at a deposition during the early years of Data Storage. David was the opposing counsel, and proceeded to systematically “wipe the floor” with his own counsel, ultimately causing Scott a great deal of headache and lost money. After recovering from the beatdown, Scott contacted David to represent him and Data Storage going forward. David provides some insight into how he has helped steer Data Storage since then and deal with the various labor and employment disputes that have arisen as the business has grown to over 50 employees.


You can find David practicing at the firm of Dunlap, Bennett, & Ludwig, and you can contact him at


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