#142 – Farewell DSI: Scott’s Sells Data Storage


On December 28th of 2018, Scott sold Data Storage, Inc., a small business he started over twenty years ago and has operated since. Scott discusses the details of how the sale went down, why he sold it, and what’s in store for his future.


Of course our beloved co-host is an industrious guy, so he still has a few irons in the fire. Besides coaching clients both in-person and online at Barbell Logic Online Coaching, Scott also founded Online Great Books, a company that introduces the great books of Western Civilization to new readers and fosters their earnest study and discussion in small group seminars.


Looking to the future, Scott aims to grow OGB organically while deepening the reader experience. With his target of 750-1,000 members, Online Great Books will be similar in size and scope to a small liberal arts college… but far more impactful.




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