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Dr. Sully returns to the show to share stories from Greysteel Strength & Conditioning, his unique barbell gym catered specifically to trainees in their 50’s, 60’s, and well beyond. The folks at Greysteel have been through a lot — cancer, Parkinson’s, psoriatic arthritis — but that doesn’t stop them from getting stronger, healthier, and mentally tougher under the barbell. Sully and his trainees have also built a tight knit community, bound together by hard work, encouragement, a healthy dose of competition, and a common goal of strength and self-vitality.


At Greysteel there are no excuses, only reps and results. Of course, training Masters’ athletes requires some clever workarounds for preexisting injuries and joint pathologies, as well as a keen eye for judging exertion and stress on a workout-by-workout basis. Sully has cultivated all of these skills, which are captured in his book The Barbell Prescription (co-authored by another master coach, Andy Baker).


The start of a new year prompts many to look into the mirror, make resolutions, set goals, and turn a hopeful eye toward the future. If you are looking for motivation for change, look no further than Greysteel and it’s brave, hard-working members.


Visit Greysteel Strength & Conditioning and be sure to check out Sully’s excellent videos on training, physiology, health, and more at the Greysteel YouTube channel.



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