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Matt and Scott discuss the future of Starting Strength Online Coaching — the company, the people, the clients — and what’s in store for 2019 and beyond. After a year of incredible growth, SSOC has expanded it’s original mission to bring Starting Strength coaches to the world to being a leading content provider of strength training related information.


To that end, SSOC and Barbell Logic have launched a YouTube channel with over 50 videos and 11k subscribers (at the time of writing), the Friday Fahve newsletter published weekly with unique articles and discounts, and published a number of long-form articles on the Barbell Logic main site. SSOC has also fostered the education of new coaches by launching the SSOC Coaching Academy.


With this surge of content, SSOC and Barbell Logic aim to achieve their shared mission to reach people of all walks and persuasions and teach them how to get strong. As the new year approaches, SSOC and Barbell Logic will continue this outreach and help more people achieve their strength goals.


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