#109 – Mike Burgos: Navigating the Work-Life Balance


Scott and Matt interview Starting Strength Coach Michael Burgos about his transition from occupational therapy into the field of strength coaching. Burgos trained as an occupational therapist and certified hand specialist, but despite his dedication and commitment to helping his patients, he eventually became disenchanted with the relentless productivity culture in the field which demanded long hours — 12hrs a day, often 6 or 7 days a week.


Nevertheless, having discovered strength training via his friend and mentor Danielle Rodier — also a Starting Strength Coach — Mike worked diligently through his LP. He fell in love with the process of acquiring strength, and coaching others to do the same, so when his request to reduce his OT hours slightly was denied, he decided to pursue coaching full-time. Burgos earned his SSC credential in 2016, and now coaches both in-person clients in Virginia and online clients for Barbell Logic Online Coaching.




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